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WASI supply stainless steel fasteners to provide system solutions for aluminum profiles.
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WASI (Shanghai) Fastener Trading; CO., LTD was founded in 2009. In 1961, WASI founder Wagner and Seamus founded WASI in Germany's city Wu bo. The company is located in the near broken iron and metal processing area, at the beginning of the company established its unique geographical superiority. So far WASI has always been in the world's leading stainless steel producers.
WASI's business in 11 countries around the world. From the initial products of stainless steel fasteners WASI A2 and WASI A4, to the current development of the tens of thousands of. There are 24000 kinds of products of standing stock, can immediately supply. In addition to our product library also includes other 20000 kinds of varieties with very, have the ability to provide the most complete stainless steel fasteners products for customers in a basket. Wasi today is not only the market the most comprehensive stainless steel fastener supplier, is also the world's most famous enterprise, one can provide from A1 to A5 all kinds of stainless steel materials, special materials of different strength grade and stainless tight firmware product.
Accurate and timely send the goods to the customer, the WASI service concept. Specific to Germany and its neighboring countries, customers will receive the goods from 24 orders within hours. At the same time WASI to improve its logistics system and services, but also to meet the different requirements of different customers. To maintenance and customer's long-term good relations of cooperation, Wasi commitment to continuous progress, the basic values of the company reflects the Jubilee million people all take the customer as the center of the service concept.